Thursday, November 29, 2012

Micheals, Coupons, & A Sock Loom

             This afternoon I headed out for my local Michaels Craft store to pick up some supplies. When I got there I did my usual rounds of the beads, findings, paint, paper, and clay aisles. Then I finally headed over to the yarn aisle. The holiday yarn was on sale for $1.99 a roll so I grabbed two rolls of white pom-pom yarn and a roll of purple yarn. Then I checked out the hooks and needles.

             I was going to pick up a new pair of double needles when I noticed a woman checking out the looms. Since I already have a set of looms, I didn’t pay much attention until I saw what kind of loom it was. It was a new brand of sock loom by Loops & Threads. Humph, a sock loom, I don’t have one of those yet and I have wanted one for awhile now. I thought to myself. So I forgot about the double pointed needles I was going to buy, and instead put the sock loom into my cart and headed for the checkout line.

                When I shop at Michaels or any other craft stores I always use coupons. Since all the other items were already on sale/clearance, I use the 50% off coupon for the sock loom. It knocked it down from the original price of $17.99 to $8.99. My new sock loom fit right in my spending budget. Compared to the $29.99 KB sock loom, another reason why I didn’t purchase a sock loom until now. Even with the coupon it didn’t fit into my $25.00 monthly craft budget. Not that KB sock loom is’t a good brand, but a little to pricey for my pockets.

                   Since I’m home now, and I have to get my late dinner started. I will post how my new sock loom experience went. Until next time remember to design it, make it, and love it!

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